Travelling Dress Project

I received the dress the day before the fourth of July and was really excited to finally have it on hand as the last person to receive it I had been waiting anxiously. I love the color and the contrast of the pink flowers against the navy blue fabric, Its made of polyester, making it light and velvety to the touch, the round neckline and short sleeves make it an absolutely comfortable summer dress that would fit perfectly at the beach. Naturally, I decided to use the beach as the backdrop for my photographs.  We got to Nantasket Beach in Hull MA which is located 20 miles south of Boston MA. We ended up using the rocks to shield from the bright summer's sun which warmed the entire ground with its warm glowy rays. 

 My model, Adalina - 11, fell in love with it as soon as she saw it she loved the way the fabric fell on her and felt and she even discovered that it has pockets.

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Stormy Weekend Beach Family Session and Senior Session at Gray’s Beach Kingston MA

Gray’s Beach is not the traditional long sandy Cape Cod beach, but a small town beach thats very well kept up. Its has alot of character which makes for beautiful family portraits. Its the ideal setting for a family and or senior portrait session. Gray’s beach can accommodate both small and large families.

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Professional Tips for a Sensational High School Senior Portrait Session

The key to having a successful senior portrait session starts with the planning. Its all in the details and coordinating with your professional photographer that builds onto a successful experience that will leave you longing for your high school days long after you have graduated. Be Sure to work with someone that can help you navigate through the process that will leave you loving you last soiree. Alot of my Senior clients as well as their parents often thank me for helping them create an amazing experience resulting in Photographs that reflect their personality and they will treasure. Its not uncommon to have someone come to me after they have had their portraits taken by the school photographers but they didnt love their images.

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Why Should you Get a Professional Headshot taken and What to wear for Headshots

With a rise in visual and digital connection, Professional headshots are becoming more important than ever. Professional Headshot can be used in various platforms such as Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, Professional Websites, Business cards. While alot of people tend to think that they can take a selfie using their mobile devices Selfies miss alot and your friends will also miss on catching good posture and what message you want to convey to the potential audience.

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Why you need your own family Senior Portraits prior to graduation.

The best time to start planning your senior portraits is the summer right between your junior and senior year. Picking your photographer and planning your senior portrait session will take a bit of time. As Your photographer I have some really great tips for you! We will need to discuss the direction you want your senior portraits to go in, figure out a great location and i have an amazing guide for what to wear for your Senior Portraits

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Preparing for a Maternity Session

Preparing for your Maternity Pictures – How to Look Beautiful for your Maternity Portrait Session, Look beautiful for your maternity photos! Pregnancy is a special time of your life and for many women, and while you may not feel like it, this is a time you are at your most natural, feminine and beautiful self. During your pregnancy, your hair is rich and thicker, your skin is glowing, your body has more curves and your breasts are fuller. For many expecting mothers, there’s no better way to remember their pregnancy and chronicle their journey to motherhood than a professional maternity photo session. Here are a few tips to help you look and feel your best in your maternity photos.

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Activities for Spring and Spring Vacation in New England Spring 2019

April Vacation is here are you looking for activities to keep the little ones engaged or perhaps just looking to get out with the family, your spouse on a date or looking to connect with a group of friends. Here is a list of activies that are fun and sure to get you the melanin lacking from the long winters here in New England. Activies include Picking Tulips at the Wicked Tulip Farm, Cherry Blossoms along the Charles, Boston Common frog pond, and Arnold Aboretum. Fun Mothers Day Activities for all.

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What to Wear for Spring Family Portraits

People often ask me how should we dress for our family pictures. I often suggest coordinating your clothing so its cohesive and well coordinated while still representing your family’s personality and being mindful of your environment. Consider outfits that are classic and timeless and will stand the test of time.

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Put the Love on the Wall: The Best Gift for Your Loved Ones

Do you often wonder what is the best gift for your loved ones? Well am here to tell you that one way you can present a beautiful, thoughtful and long lasting gift is by getting your family’s art on your wall. This is not only a great gift but its a gift that constantly reminds them of your love for them.

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Fresh 48 Newborn Session at South Shore Hospital South Weymouth MA

What is a Fresh 48 Newborn Session
If you are Wondering “What exactly is a Fresh 48 Session” and how is It different from a hospital newborn session? It is a documentary style session that is held within the first 48 hours of your new baby’s life. An alternative to birth photography for some, an addition to it for others, it is a way to capture the new and precious moments that we often forget. It will take place at the place of birth whether it be a birth center, hospital, or even home. You should schedule your Fresh 48 session during your pregnancy as they will book in advance and you want to be sure that there will be availability close to your due date.

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In Home Lifestyle Portrait Session - Tea for Two Girls Tea Party

Tea For two In home portrait session is a perfect setting for the little ones especially in the long New England Winters when we spend more time indoors than outdoors. In Home Lifestyle sessions are perfect for families that enjoy spending time at home and especially in the winter when you spend more time at home. Have a different idea such as paint party or cooking party with your loved ones then contact me so we can preserve this special everyday activities that you will enjoy looking back on once your children are all grown up.

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Late Summer Fun Family Session at Fort Independence Park - Castle Island Boston MA

This Family of Four love going to Castle Island and Fort Independence so it seemed right that This would be the location for their family portrait session. Watching the planes as they get ready to land at Logan Airport and watching the Holland America Cruise line pass by the Boston Harbor were just some of the fun activities we enjoyed during their family session to top it all we ended the session watching the sunset and Boston Skyline from Carson’s Beach followed by icecream from Sullivan’s at Castle Island.

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Fun Glitter Session for 4th birthday Milestone Session In Randolph MA

Glitter Session for fourth birthday Milestone is a fun idea that your four year old will love and leave feeling like a princess. Later when she receives her wall art she will cherish the fun experience she had and always remember her fourth birthday. Glitter Sessions are also fun for siblings but also as a treat for your princess birthday or not.

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Family of 4 Portrait Session at home in Hudson NH

I love watching families grow. Its amazing how time flies. Photographing families over a period of time is a great reminder of how we freeze moments in time when we get our portraits done. 

The last family portrait I took for this family the little girl was about 2 years old she had just learned how to walk and the world was an oyster amazing growth happens in 1 year to see more from their last session see below for some portraits from that session. During their family maternity portrait session it was too cold and she just wouldnt have it so she wasn't part of the maternity portraits though nonetheless she braced me with her spunky personality. 

 At just alittle over 3 years she couldn't wait to show off her baby brother who she completely adores and is proud to ensure that he too shall follow in her footsteps. 

This session took place at their family home and theres no better place than home to capture a family's addition. 

During their portrait planning session we planned out their outfits and settled on a time and location for the portrait session and while we toyed with the idea of doing the session offsite we decided to have the session at home since it would be easier for mom with an infant. 

Would you like to know more about family sessions? Contact me here to learn more about a session or start planning your session with me.

Rexhame Beach and South River Session in Late Summer

Stormy Weather, Sharks in the water no problem. we had been looking forward to this Late Summer Beach Session for Months and a lot went into it such as hiring a hair and makeup artist, taking time off work so she can be rested was just a few things She had done in preparation for her session.

Rexhame Beach and South River is such a beautiful location that is in the South Shore Its one of a kind and offers clients a good range and backdrop for both individual, Senior and family portraits.

Through the Summer and Especially the last couple weeks leading into the session there had been a lot of sighting of Sharks in the water as a result a lot of warnings regarding being mindful when at the beach and especially in the water.

Lydia has wanted a beach session for as long as she could remember although the timing had not been perfect. When she made a commitment to love herself more and make time for herself this year, she decided that this was the year that she would see her dream come true.

When she contacted me, we went over all the fine details during her consultation session including discussing how she would like to enjoy her portraits. After discussing all the options including Table Top Display and Wall art, she decided she wanted wall art. She also looked at different mediums and while she loves canvas, she fell in love with, Metal Prints So we determined that Metal Prints would go to her living area and a Canvas would go into her bedroom since she already had another piece of Canvas there.

Following which the day of session despite all the challenges with the weather we had a beautiful session, the sky had a wide range of colors and it ended in a perfect pink skyline which provided just the perfect backdrop for this beautiful lady from the inside out. I’ll let you be the judge.

After the Session we had to determine which cluster would work best based on the images She loved and while we initially loved the idea of a Modern setup it didn’t quite work out perfectly so then we decided that the Timeless Collection would work best. Really looking forward to Lydia’s Wall art Arriving and I can’t wait to share it with you. Stay Tuned to see the final product.

Would you like to know more about booking a session or a beach session? Email me to get more information by filling out the contact form here Not sure about what you want but you know you would like to have this phase in your life documented? No worries I will walk you through it all you can rest assured that no details will be missed and hat you will enjoy the experience Contact me today to learn more about what to expect from a session with me.


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Randolph’s Harvest Hoopla at Powers Farm

Harvest Hoopla is a Family Fun festival that is sure to quench the thirst of every member of your family. The event will be held at Powers Farm in Randolph MA at 592 Main St Randolph MA from 12pm-4pm. Parking was hard to find last year but you can park further and walk up. Some Fun activities we enjoyed were kayaking, goat yoga, the hayride, pony ride to name a few.

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Watermelon Cake Smash Session in Stoughton MA

Last time I saw this young lady she was 3 months old when I did their Fall Family Portraits. Since then she’s morphed into a robust beautiful toddler. I had a lot of fun documenting her one year milestone. Mom had a watermelon ice-cream cake which was in theme with her first birthday party, and saying this girl loves watermelon is an understatement.

She’s absolutely adorable and had fun in the tub filled with fresh watermelon after enjoying the cake.

To see more First year birthday Sessions follow this link and for more

Would you like to know more about documenting your child’s first birthday or other milestones? Contact me for more information.

Help me wish this lovely girl a happy birthday!!!!

Stoughton High School Class of 2019 Senior Portrait Session - Football Center Player Guy

I had the honor and the privilege of photographing Kyle G senior session at Stonehill College Easton MA. Kyle is the Center for the Black Knights football team at his high school Stoughton High School in Stoughton MA. As a Randolph Senior and Family Photographer I encourage you to prepare for your senior portraits by incorporating things that you love into the session.

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