Rexhame Beach and South River Session in Late Summer

Stormy Weather, Sharks in the water no problem. we had been looking forward to this Late Summer Beach Session for Months and a lot went into it such as hiring a hair and makeup artist, taking time off work so she can be rested was just a few things She had done in preparation for her session.

Rexhame Beach and South River is such a beautiful location that is in the South Shore Its one of a kind and offers clients a good range and backdrop for both individual, Senior and family portraits.

Through the Summer and Especially the last couple weeks leading into the session there had been a lot of sighting of Sharks in the water as a result a lot of warnings regarding being mindful when at the beach and especially in the water.

Lydia has wanted a beach session for as long as she could remember although the timing had not been perfect. When she made a commitment to love herself more and make time for herself this year, she decided that this was the year that she would see her dream come true.

When she contacted me, we went over all the fine details during her consultation session including discussing how she would like to enjoy her portraits. After discussing all the options including Table Top Display and Wall art, she decided she wanted wall art. She also looked at different mediums and while she loves canvas, she fell in love with, Metal Prints So we determined that Metal Prints would go to her living area and a Canvas would go into her bedroom since she already had another piece of Canvas there.

Following which the day of session despite all the challenges with the weather we had a beautiful session, the sky had a wide range of colors and it ended in a perfect pink skyline which provided just the perfect backdrop for this beautiful lady from the inside out. I’ll let you be the judge.

After the Session we had to determine which cluster would work best based on the images She loved and while we initially loved the idea of a Modern setup it didn’t quite work out perfectly so then we decided that the Timeless Collection would work best. Really looking forward to Lydia’s Wall art Arriving and I can’t wait to share it with you. Stay Tuned to see the final product.

Would you like to know more about booking a session or a beach session? Email me to get more information by filling out the contact form here Not sure about what you want but you know you would like to have this phase in your life documented? No worries I will walk you through it all you can rest assured that no details will be missed and hat you will enjoy the experience Contact me today to learn more about what to expect from a session with me.


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Randolph’s Harvest Hoopla at Powers Farm

Harvest Hoopla is a Family Fun festival that is sure to quench the thirst of every member of your family. The event will be held at Powers Farm in Randolph MA at 592 Main St Randolph MA from 12pm-4pm. Parking was hard to find last year but you can park further and walk up. Some Fun activities we enjoyed were kayaking, goat yoga, the hayride, pony ride to name a few.

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Watermelon Cake Smash Session in Stoughton MA

Last time I saw this young lady she was 3 months old when I did their Fall Family Portraits. Since then she’s morphed into a robust beautiful toddler. I had a lot of fun documenting her one year milestone. Mom had a watermelon ice-cream cake which was in theme with her first birthday party, and saying this girl loves watermelon is an understatement.

She’s absolutely adorable and had fun in the tub filled with fresh watermelon after enjoying the cake.

To see more First year birthday Sessions follow this link and for more

Would you like to know more about documenting your child’s first birthday or other milestones? Contact me for more information.

Help me wish this lovely girl a happy birthday!!!!

Stoughton High School Class of 2019 Senior Portrait Session - Football Center Player Guy

I had the honor and the privilege of photographing Kyle G senior session at Stonehill College Easton MA. Kyle is the Center for the Black Knights football team at his high school Stoughton High School in Stoughton MA. As a Randolph Senior and Family Photographer I encourage you to prepare for your senior portraits by incorporating things that you love into the session.

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Favorite Fall Activities for Families in the South Shore Boston

Fall is my favorite time of the year? Apple Cider, Pumpkin Spice, Crisp cool air and Smell of wood smoke in the air are all part of Autumn in New England On top of the beautiful foliage, I love that at this time of the year of the year its a great time to enjoy spending time outdoors,  Autumn in the New England Region is absolutely magical. Some of our Fall activities have become family traditions that we do every year. 

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Late Spring Family Session at Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate Randolph MA Family Photographer

It was a perfect day for this Gorgeous Family Session set in the beautiful late spring early summer gardens at Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate Canton. As the days are longer children are almost out of school the little ones couldn't wait to get out and enjoy playing outside in the beautiful gardens filled with flowers. In Full Bloom is Alliums both in Green and Purple, Purple Riot and Blue Summer Snap Dragon. The family was dressed to match the colorful blooming flora

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Why you should get your family photos taken this year

Family photos come in all sorts of iterations, and as a Randolph family photographer, I've seen them all.  Parents with children.  Just the kids.  Older siblings together.  A single person or a couple or  Even a group of close friends.  Family has so many definitions, and so family photos can be so many different things.  As a child, and even now, one of my favorite things to do was peruse through my family's photo albums and marvel at old photos of my parents, as well as newer photos of my own immediate family.

The Fall is slowly approaching and  If you haven't had your family photos or scheduled your family session yet I would highly recommend you do so today dont let this year be another one that goes by chose without documenting your growing family.  Whether it be for the first time or the fifth time; whether it's a traditional family or something a little different, family photos are so important.  I've got two reasons why now is the time for family photos (and I'd love to be the one to take them).  So to find out why you should have your family's photos taken this year, read on.

1.  For the present


Maybe you're a new family who just had a baby.  Maybe you've got a few growing kids, or you have one about to go to college or maybe even an aging parent.  The bottom line is you want to remember the now.  You want to remember this moment.  Time passes fast.  They're only this little once.  Each moment happens only once.  You want to remember this now, this present, and bring it with you to the future.  

2.  For the future

I am very lucky to come from a family where photos are plentiful.  In my parents' home, there is a photo of my grandfather this is the only way I remember my grandfather since he passed away when I was about 2 years and I dont have much memories of him other than though the photographs.  I spend so much time looking at photos of my parents as children; of my own immediate family through the years.  It all gave me a sense of belonging and a connection to my past.  

There are lots of moms (and dads, too, but honestly, more moms) who say they wish they were in photos with their children, or they wish there were more photos of them, period, so their children would have some to look at now, and in the future.  The future is uncertain.  I cannot tell you how much those children would appreciate if their moms and dads and aunts and uncles and grandparents got in a photo.  The future value of photos like that is immeasurable.  Believe me.  Your future family will thank you over and over for them.

Family Portrait Photography is so important in recording various stages through your families life.  In current  day While most parents especially mothers tend to be the ones recording the memories for their children its important to make time to be in the frame to make sure you exist in your family memories. 

A Portrait Session with Seraphine Photography is an experience your family will remember and treasure for years to come and will be passed down generations you too will be remembered.  Call me today make sure you too are in the frame. We will start by talking on the phone then planning to meet so we can design and plan not only your family memories but also discuss how to present and display your experience. 


Spring Outdoor Maternity Session at Powers Farm Randolph MA

Gorgeous Maternity Session in early Spring on a Chilly Day which turned out to be frigid beautiful nonetheless at Power Farm Park Randolph MA. For this family that drove from Hudson NH to come get their portrait experience with Randolph MA candid family Photographer Seraphine Photography

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How would you like to Present Your Portraits

Your family is beautiful, a work of art....and that art deserves a prominent place in your home!  Wouldn't you rather enjoy your photographs every day on your walls and not have to worry about finding them on your phone or Facebook, or look high and low for that CD or USB?  From gallery wrapped canvases, to mounted and framed prints, to wood and metal prints, there are a variety of options to suit any home décor.

As your photographer, Let me assist you with decorating your home!  

Sometimes it's hard to visualize how your photos will look on your walls, and knowing what sizes to order can be even harder. But dont worry each time we meet I bring actual samples with me to showcase the quality and you get to touch them and experience in addition once the session is completed We can even do a digital wall design to show you what the gallery would look like with your family photographs in them. I will walk you through each step of the ordering process. 

Check out the gallery samples below to see various digital wall designs for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and stairways. 

You might be thinking, "Well, I have a home with an open floor plan and not a lot of wall space.  What else can I do to display the photos I absolutely love?"

Fear Not - For we offer table top options!!!

Flush Mount Albums are a fantastic option for all of those photos that you can't fit on the wall but you still can't live without.  With a genuine leather and linen cover and thick pages, these are truly a high quality item that will last for years and years.  And they're not just for wedding photographs anymore - your newborn baby or your graduating high school senior's photographs can be preserved and displayed beautifully.  Your annual family photographs are deserving of a gorgeous album that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren.

 For complete pricing information as well as everything you need to know about your photo session, contact me to schedule a consultation session with Seraphine Photography and I will send you a Client Welcome Guide today. Are you Ready to book your portrait session? Please contact me to start this beautiful journey. 



High School Graduation and Senior Portraits at Lake Holbrook MA

For Miss Jordyn this was no regular High School Senior Portraits but a combination of Senior Portraits and Graduation Portraits. She's moving not too far away from home to attend College at UMass Amherst in the Fall and having completed 4 years at South Shore Charter School she sure didnt have time to have Senior Portraits done in the Fall but none the less she did it just in time for graduation. Senior year gets so busy with school projects college application process and worrying about graduation. 

Jordyn will be going to school to continue her studies with hopes to work with animals. she's been working with animals at a local animal hospital here in the south shore and as much as she loves animals they love her back so much that the ducks and swans at Lake Holbrook couldn't keep away from her during her Portrait Session. 

Her family joined her in the session to mark the end of her high school. Her brother will be a Senior in the Fall 2019 at Blue Hills Regional Technical School. Jordyn Best wishes to you as you go to college am sure you will do very well with your big heart and amazing personality. 

Ready for your Senior portraits?  I would love to work with you. Click the contact link at the top of the page and get in touch!

Family Portrait Session at Regatta Point Park Worcester MA

The mom of this awesome family initially wanted the session on their yard however when you have teenage girls their opinion matters and they had envisioned something different. After brainstorming we settled for a beautiful gem. I loved dreaming with her and building on her vision.  The combination of 2 young women their mom boats and the beautiful historic bridge at Regatta Point Park and Lake Quinsigamond Worcester provides made for a pretty awesome session!

After some discussion of location we settled on Regatta Point Community Sailing.  This Community was Founded in 1960 with one simple goal- to bring "Boating for All" to greater Worcester.  I love the character of the building both from the beach as well as once you step inside.

I love the wardrobe that Dorothy picked out for her family.  It’s well-coordinated with just the right amount of neutrals mixed with pops of color.  Nicely done!

We of course wrapped up the session with the girls enjoying each others company. I love candid's and this type of session definitely offers plenty of opportunity to capture much spontaneous sweetness.

Ready to update your family portraits?  I would love to work with you and your family.  Click the contact link at the top of the page and get in touch!

Phillips Late Spring Backyard Family Session in Stoughton MA

I LOVE it when families come together for a photo session, even after all of the "kids" are grown and have families of their own. There is just something so special about these photos...  knowing that they will be treasured and passed down for so many years. What a joy to get to capture photos like this! Amanda, you have a gorgeous family!!

Thanks so much for such a gorgeous session. 


Collin turns 2!!!! At Demarco Park Avon MA

After scheduling and rescheduling our late fall session turned to a winter session then again to a spring session. I would say it was worth waiting for the 6 months to finally get the session completed. When it comes to young families a lot goes into planning a session and sometimes you schedule and the weather doesnt cooperate or the little one gets sick but we finally got it done. 

Collin like all other 2 year old's is very active and he gave me a run for my money chasing him around with the camera but dont get me wrong I loved every bit of it. He's very expressive and has a big personality. I enjoyed documenting this phase of his life for the family and hope they cherish the memories for years to come. 

What I love the most about photographing young families is that I can take a back seat and just observe them as they interact with one another and I get to document them while mom and dad play with their young ones. Its so fulfilling being able to provide them with photographs of their family with both mom and dad in them.

Here are some of my favorite images from our session. 

Golden Hour Spring Family Portraits at Eleanor Bradley Estate in Canton MA

It was such a beautiful late Spring day for this family Session. The family had a major Milestone Coming up with their daughter who is also the oldest in the family was setting to graduate from high school. The Tulips were in full bloom at the Bradley Estate Gardens and gorgeous as ever. While our initial planned session date was a washout as it can happen in the Spring we were all really happy with our rain date because it turned out to be a crispy day but the sunset was absolutely gorgeous. 

The family was looking absolutely gorgeous and they enjoyed sharing one on one time together there was chest bumping and the kids enjoyed taking a stroll while the parents had their couples photos done. The teens loved the location so much that they wanted to get most of their portraits framed by the flowering shrubs. 

After our initial consultation and portrait planning session the family was really excited and everyone was involved in the planning process. 

The best part of the entire experience was when we got together for the reveal party when the family was was able to view their images and select their final art and product. Going through their gallery together and selecting the photographs that best represent their individual personalities and the families personality was such a great joy both for the family and so fulfilling for me as an artist to see the final product on the wall. Thank you for entrusting me to document this beautiful and important milestone in your family. It’s was such a pleasure to spend the amazing time we did together through the process and glad you loved your experience. 

Spring Family Portraits at Powers Farm Randolph MA

When I met Jaime and Christina for a consultation session to plan their Spring Family Portraits. It was exciting to learn that they are both heavily involved with the Randolph Holbrook Pop Warner team. Both their daughters have been members of the team and one is still an active member. What an amazing role to have I bet it allows you some extra family time and as the team challenges arise you tackle them as a family. I highly commend both of them for volunteering their time and energy to this great cause. 

I had such a great time working with you on planning your experience for the session and capturing your family memories. Thank you for inviting me to document part of your family's legacy. I hope you enjoyed yourselves during your experience with me as much as I enjoyed myself with the whole process and I hope you are also enjoying your wall art. 

Here are some of my favorite images from the session. 

Baby M Newborn girl In-home Portrait Session Lynn MA

Introducing Miss M. Only a few days old she was sleepy and such a joy to be around. Just love the newborn baby smell. Best time to photograph newborns is between 4-12 days when they sleep longer. Her session was flawless. Mom, Dad and big brother were just swooning over her. 

Newborn babies grow so fast and change so much from day to day, making newborn portraits so important Its great to capture those first few days at home or at the hospital. Its even more fun to include mom and dad as well as siblings in the portraits. Capturing that moment when older siblings get to meet the new baby or even capturing their bond from the beginning is so precious. 

Couples Portraits Powers Farm Randolph MA

Sam and Jean will be getting Married this December at the Hamilton Hall in Salem MA, but first we got together for a portrait session that they could use for their save the date cards. This couple is so photogenic that 2-3 portraits ended up being a handful of beautiful portraits . The chemistry between them is so amazing and their connection so strong. They are a beautiful couple and love each other dearly and it clearly shows. They also know how to have fun. Can you tell they were dancing at Powers Farm. Stay tuned for more of their story.

Mommy and Me Portraits at Wicked Tulip Farm Johnson RI

Generational Mommy and Me Candid Portraits at a Tulip Farm. 3 Generations of Women spending time together for Mothers Day. Senior Woman, her daughters and their Daughters all spending time together enjoying each others company. Could there be a better gift for a mother than that of time, love and fllowers with her favorite girls?

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Randolph Local Gems - Featuring Vermarje' Tea Company

Every weekend in Randolph at Stetson Hall there's an artisan shop open, The Artisans at Steton Hall. I enjoy stopping by to check out what they have in stock each Saturday while my daughter is at dance class or after her dance class.

This week I met Mary of Vermarje' Tea company in Randolph MA and she was featuring Blooming Radiance, flowering tea is fine green tea hand wrapped around jasmine and lotus flowers.  When steeped in hot water, the tea ball blooms into a lovely lotus flower with a string of jasmine flowers. Blooming Radiance tea has a delicate aroma and the taste of jasmine and hint of lychee is sweet and refreshing. See the Beauty and feel the Grace.  

What an amazing experience it was! Blooming Radiance, Flowering Tea would make a great gift for that special someone in your life. Hint! Hint! Mom would love this!!!


Brewster Gardens Wedding & Isaacs Restauarant Reception in Plymouth MA

Yet another beautiful wedding! Kelly & David had their wedding celebration at the beautiful Brewster Gardens in Plymouth MA. While it threatened to rain the weather did hold out the entire day. Kelly and David were surrounded by their family and close friends. They had a beautiful first dance at the gardens and later David's youngest joined in the dance. Following the ceremony they had some formal portraits at Brewster Gardens and the Bridge at the Gardens and left on a horse to their reception at Isaac's Restaurant in Plymouth. They had a wonderful ceremony Congratulations Kelly & David!