Wicked Tulip Farm Portrait Sessions

Seraphine Photography will be holding Spring Portrait sessions at the Wicked Tulip Farm Tulip Festival 2019

What better way to celebrate warmer weather and the arrival of Spring, than in a field of tulips with those you love. Creating memories that will be held close at heart with the help of Seraphine Photography. 

Wicked Tulips Flower Farm's opening date is dependent on the weather!  They usually open end of April, beginning of May and are only open for about 2-3 weeks. The Farm is currently targeting to opening April 26 but the date is yet to be confirmed. I will keep you posted as soon as they provide an actual opening date. Spring mini sessions at Wicked Tulip Field in Johnston Rhode island will be held May 4th, 10th, and 11th. Contact me for availability but you may also book a full session on a different date as long as Wicked Tulip is open!

If you know this is something you may be interested in, please fill out my contact form below and we can start the scheduling process but more importantly I will keep you in the loop regarding the opening date and session times available for portraits by email once announced!

Be sure to scroll below to see some more photos and get some more details about the sessions!

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Step 1: Contact Me

Click the button below to message me. I’ll respond to your questions, and we’ll set up a time to connect on the phone and see if we are a good fit for each other.

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Step 2: Book Session

We’ll connect over coffee or via video chat to go over the details. When we decide to move forward, we'll start the planning process and make it official and book a time slot for your session.

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Step 3: Enjoy the Experience

We’ll meet at the Wicked Tulip farm for your portrait session followed by the best part of reviewing what we created.


Tulip Booking Steps


1 - The first thing you do is pick a package! Sessions will start at $350 this will include your entry to the tulip farm i.e tickets for 2 adults and 3 children, and 20 tulips and 3 digital Portraits. Contact me to learn more about our portrait packages and what they entail.

2- Once you have selected your package you will be directed to your invoice.

3- After your invoice is paid you are booked!! You will then be sent a scheduler to set up a phone call with us to discuss your session.

4- Next, you will get a questionnaire to complete so your session will be picture perfect!

5- Now we get to our phone call.  We will be happy to explain anything further and answer any questions you may have!

6-  Pick out your outfits!  Feel free to contact us as much as you want while we wait for the tulips to grow!

7- Make sure you are checking your email! You will get a link to the scheduler to pick your date and time!

8- Ready to book!!!!!! See Booking Button.

Frequently Asked Questions!!

What is The Wicked Tulip Farm’s opening date? Mother nature is the one who decides the opening date for this gorgeous farm! The weather, even 2 days before a proposed open, can have an impact.  The tulips are very picky when they want to come out, so two sunny days in a row can help them come out faster; where as two cold, rainy days in a row can delay the farms opening

When can I book my session? Even when the farm opens, bookings may be delayed a day or two because we want to wait until the farm is picture perfect for your portrait!

 How do I know when I can book my session? Pre-booking starts now! We have limited spots to offer, so you can pre-book now.  Once we have received the dates, you will receive an email from Seraphine Photography letting you know you can pick you date and time for your portrait session.

  Why should I pre-book if I can’t pick my day and time now? Time slots fill fast! When we open to book we will give people the opportunity to choose their slot in the order they booked. The earlier you book, the more time slot and dates will be available to you at booking time.

When are the sessions? As of right now, sessions will take place in the evening. Once the farm opens and we can see the exact lighting, we may possibly open some daytime slots! If you already have an evening session booked, don’t worry you can switch!

 How will I pick my session date and when? As soon as we hear when the farm is opening we will assess the field and pick our opening dates. Once we have the dates, we will send the scheduler to the clients in order of pre-booking

Who will be taking my pictures? Depends on the scheduler. The earlier you book, you will have more options. :)

Can I buy more pictures or upgrade my package after my session- YES!! 

How do I pick my pictures? After your session we will schedule an time to review your images and I will assist you with the selection process.