Why you need your own family Senior Portraits prior to graduation.

Are you a parent to a high school Junior?

This is a great time to book the Senior portraits and Family portraits in one. This is probably the last time you will manage to get your family photographed before they leave off to college or before they are ready to get married.

If you are like most families or perhaps you have a child that has moved away from home and off to college then you know how hard it is to coordinate everyones schedule once they leave home. They start work and their friends take precedence over the family priorities. Which is why I urge families to ensure that they get their own senior portraits despite having the school senior portraits taken.

Senior portraits can be done in the outdoors on location or in studio. It depends on the individual interest. Senior portraits are customized to fit the individual personalities.

Its important to get the entire family involved during the senior portraits by getting family portraits updated.

During senior portrait session I encourage families to dress up and be a part of their child’s senior session and while we focus on the senior most of the session we definitely take time to include the parents and other siblings in the portraits. Its a good excuse for the entire family to be photographed.

Am often asked when is the best time to schedule High School Senior Portraits?

While Senior portraits can be taken anytime of the year the best time to get them done is during your last summer as a junior right before you begin your senior year. Because once your senior year begins the high school senior has a lot of responsibilities of not only completing and staying on top of their school work they also visit colleges and in the fall we have sports before we know it time has passed and you are scrambling towards graduation.

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