What to Wear for Spring Family Portraits

Warm weather is right around the corner – and with it comes buds on trees, lush carpets of grass and colorful arrays of flowers. When I picture all that beauty on the way, I get excited for Seraphine Photography Spring Portrait Season!

Many families like to get their portraits done in the spring to take advantage of the gorgeous natural backdrops, refresh the look of their homes after spring cleaning or create a lasting and memorable Gifts for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

One Question I often get when families are getting ready for a Portrait Session is how should we dress for our spring photos?

Its natural for to want to look your best while showcasing your sense of style this can be fun yet stressful for others. While some people choose to shop for new clothes each time they get their family portraits taken I recommend you start by shopping in your closet prior to going to the store.

When planning out your families wardrobe I highly recommend that you to consider is the location where your portrait session will take place. Once that is settled then pick your outfits to compliment the environment and your families personality.

However, it’s a great idea to coordinate everyone’s outfits so that your portrait will have balance – balance among the colors of the clothes, between the patterns and with the setting.

Patterns and Prints

Patterns and prints can quickly begin to compete with one another. If you have more than one in your group, be sure they complement each other with similar colors. A great trick is to choose one piece with a pattern or a print that you really love and then pull solid colors from that piece to dress everyone else.

Selecting Colors

Solid colors from the same color family always photograph well. Keep in mind that the color family you choose will set the tone for the photo and can reflect your family. Bright colors will give a sense of being playful and energetic. If your family is laid-back and relaxed, neutral colors may frame you best and will look amazing in the spring light. I also love pastels for spring portraits because they work well together and complement a green background.

Choosing Fabrics and Styles

Soft, natural fabrics in cotton and linen that drape and flow make for beautiful portraits. Loose-fitting and soft, flowy fabrics are my favorite so that the sense of motion hints at the breeze blowing.

Choose styles that make you feel confident and comfortable and allow you to move freely. Keeping the Setting in Mind As show in some of the images in the post colors and styles that compliment each other work well for most families as a Randolph Family photographer part of the process I assist families with is selecting clothing for their portrait session.

Choose colors that you will see in your setting. Browns, greens and yellows look great in the woods; pastels are perfect for a flower garden.

You don’t want to wear something that is going to take away from the location – for example, bright oranges or dark black could detract from a muted or calm background however in the right setting they would be perfect colors.

A neutral color pallet always blends nicely with the natural elements rather than being in competition with them, so it’s a safe choice if you’re not certain what you’ll find at the location.

For more tips about accessorizing and make-up or Still unsure let me and we can discuss this at length during your consultation or Download Client Guide to learn more about how to prepare for your family session.