Put the Love on the Wall: The Best Gift for Your Loved Ones

Mother’s Day is coming. So is Father’s Day. Perhaps your anniversary? Need a birthday gift for a spouse or family member who is truly special? Looking for the perfect gift to show your love?

Cards are good, flowers are lovely, and everyone loves candy – those are easy things to grab from the drug store and check “great gift” off your to-do list.   

But something about that just doesn’t ring true. The love we feel for our family is deeper than that. It isn’t best captured in a greeting card. And it isn’t something that comes up only once a year on a certain calendar date. The deep affection we have for our loved ones is woven into the fabric of our daily lives. Shouldn’t our attempts to capture and share that love be a part of our daily lives as well?

That’s why at Seraphine Photography I firmly believe we should put the love on the wall.

When your family portrait is on the wall of your home, you see it every single day. If the photo is good, it is artful evidence of the adoration you feel for each other. It’s a constant reminder of what makes your family special, proof of exactly why and how much you all care about each other.

When you walk in the door after a stressful day, seeing that love on the wall helps you feel grounded. When your insecure preteen see themselves featured there, they know they are valued. When your spouse sees the look you are giving one another in that portrait, it’s a constant reminder that all of the challenges of marriage are worth it. Any time anyone in the family needs a pick-me-up, it’s right there on the wall.

Do we really ever pull out the greeting cards from months ago to re-read the sweet sentiments? Will those lovely flowers last for long? As nice as those chocolates were, they aren’t going to sustain our spirit once they’ve been polished off. This year, give a great anniversary gift - a statement piece for the bedroom. Give the perfect birthday present - a gallery-wrapped canvas that will become an heirloom for generations to come. Give a meaningful Mother’s Day gift - a gallery collection of framed prints that highlight each member of your family. Help your family say “I love you” throughout the year and put the love on the wall!

Contact me to find out more about getting your gift started or check out my blog on other ways to present your images for more information.