Why Should you Get a Professional Headshot taken and What to wear for Headshots

A professionally taken headshot, shows people that you care about the details, and how you appear to others. It doesn't look cheap, it looks professional, captures you in a positive light, and creates a good first impression.

Your headshot is often the first contact people have with you, especially now we're all so active on social media (If you're not, and you're in business, you need to be!).

Lack of a Professional Headshot or as others may refer to it as a Business Portrait or Professional Photo may be a barrier to people warming up to you and not inspire confidence in you, it doesn't help people trust you. Having a professional Headshots helps people connect with you visually therefore feel a if they like and trust you even before meeting you.

If your business is professional and has professional standards, and your headshot should reflect that. If your business is more casual or requires you to dress casually then you might want to showcase that as well.

One of the most common questions I get from headshot clients is, “What should I wear?” My suggestion is to always keep it simple. As you can see on my executive headshot portfolio, men and women both look great in classic suits with very subtle or no patterns. When people view an image, their eyes tend to go the lightest part of the image. And in the case of a great headshot, you want the lightest area to be your face.

Seraphine Photography recommends wearing something with long sleeves to keep the focus on your face.

Choose clothing colors that compliment your skin tone.

If you want to add some bold color, a colorful shirt under a dark jacket can look good.
Ladies, shirts with low necklines can look inappropriate after the image is cropped.

Tips to keep in mind while preparing for your Professional headshot also known as Professional Portraits

Medium to dark solid clothing.
Little or no patterns.
A clean shave for men in the morning.
Avoid white shirts, unless wearing a darker colored jacket over them.
Avoid short sleeves or no sleeves.
Ladies: stay with classic, simple jewelry.
Ladies: avoid tops with low necklines. Helpful Tips for Getting headshots and why you should get professional portraits for your linked in profile.

Dress as you would when meeting a client or a prospective lead.

Keep it Classic

Tips you may want to suggest to clients:

Dress as you would when meeting a client in your business or profession.

Be yourself, and don’t alter your dress or makeup/hair specifically for the photos. Basically, we want to make sure our clients look as natural to themselves as possible.

Keep it classic! Stay away from trends that could date the photos!

A good Headshot can double up as a Passport Photograph

At Seraphine Photography we recognize the urgency required in fulfilling the need for headshots therefore we work with you to get the headshots turned around quick so that you have something to update your Linked in Profile, your Social Network Profiles or for that urgent passport.

To see Seraphine Photography Headshots Portfolio follow this link for questions or if ready schedule your sitting for a headshot session I would love to connect with you. Reach me through email and or call me at 508-579-3669 and email seraphine@seraphinephotography.com