Refresh for the Spring: Make New Portraits Part of Your Spring Cleaning

The ritual of Spring Cleaning dates back a long time. Once upon a time, homes were heated by fireplaces and cold months meant making every attempt to trap heat indoors – and with it, smoke and soot. Spring cleaning was the chance to remove all of that accumulated grime and air out your home.

Now that most of us have alternative heating solutions, we may not be covered in soot by spring. But spring cleaning is still a tradition, in part because it helps us psychologically. After spending the winter months cooped up inside, we are tired of looking at the little (or not so little) corners of messes and untidiness that creep throughout our living spaces. We are ready to refresh, and the warmer weather gives us the motivation to do it. With renewed energy, we are ready to clean up, toss out and bust like butterflies from our winter cocoons.

When you’re working so hard to refresh your home, consider updating your wall art as well. A new spring portrait is a great way to capture your “butterfly moment,” along with all the rich colors and budding life of spring. A statement piece on the wall can totally transform the look of your living room, changing your space from familiar to fresh and fantastic. Plus, a family portrait makes a wonderful commemoration of Easter, a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift (link to love on the wall blog post), and a chance to capture the beauty of your family in this season of your lives.

Remember, the place you are now, the people you are now, the moments you’re sharing now – they are all changing with time. You’ll never get today back! Capture your memories now, don’t put it off any longer.

Wondering what to wear for a spring portrait? Reach out to me and I can help you with the planning out your attire we’ll find something that suites you and or your family and outfits that are timeless so you will be sure to enjoy them for years to come.

Contact me to learn more about transforming your living space with your family portraits and creating memories your legacy will enjoy for years to come.