Mayor of Boston announcing Universal Pre Kindergaten at Walnut Grove Headstart Boston

On Tuesday Mayor Marty Walsh held a press conference at Walnut Grove Head start in Dorchester MA, Boston ABCD hosted the Mayors Press Conference. The Audience at the Press Conference included the Children of Walnut Grove Head start, John Drew and Sharon Scott Chandler of Boston ABCD , Teachers, Parents and Community Members.

A statement from Boston ABCD staff “We are pleased to have Mayor Marty Walsh here at our Walnut Grove Head Start location. He has announced his plan to invest $15 million to expand access to high quality universal pre- k to Boston and its families by working with Boston Public Schools and community based organizations throughout the city.”

It was such an honor for Seraphine Photography to be there to not only witness the announcement but to photograph the event which is history in the making for the city of Boston. Boston ABCD did an amazing job of hosting the Mayor’s Press Conference and inviting those they serve to entertain their Guest of Honor. It is in moments such as this that remind us of what matters in life watching the Mayor interacting and engaging with the youngest members of the Community, the Students at Walnut Grove Head start. The Children seemed to enjoy Mayor Marty Walsh questions as much as they enjoyed answering his. Its great to see young children having the confidence to interact with the leader of our community.