How to take better photographs of your children at home

Photos are important all know this. It is how we update our family and friends near and far what your children and family updated on day to  day life or even milestones. Capturing the first step to first day of school graduation or even vacations. Isn't that why our phones are filled with photos of our family and friends!

When you have kids, we want to hold on to as many of those amazing memories as we can! We all know that while the days are long, the years are short. 

While its important to try and get annual family portraits by a professional photographer, Its important to be equipped to capture great images of your day to day life therefore learning to take better photographs is such a great asset to have. You dont have to invest in a great camera or a lot of time to take better photographs but keeping afew tips in mind can go along way. Here are afew tips to taking simple and great photos of your kids at home.

Try to clear the space you will be in free of clutter as much as possible to keep the attention on your subject

Lighting – While windows can be used to provide a great natural source of light how you position your subject. Notice how the shadows and the light falls on her face in each image. She remained at the same spot in the green chair while I moved around. Also notice the position of the window in the last image.