Lularoe Branding Portrait Session in Reston, VA - Personal Brand Photography

I Was so excited when Emily reached out to me regarding a portrait session to showcase her day to day life in her Lularoe clothing. Emily is a Lularoe Consultant and while she wears the Lularoe clothing on a daily basis be it to work as a physical therapist, running errands such as shopping, out to lunch with friends or a  night out in town she's bound to have a piece of lularoe clothing or the entire ensemble in Lularoe clothing and accessories. Honestly i was very surprised to learn that Lularoe offers so many options. I was even luckier to get my first 3 pairs of Lularoe leggings and one for my daughter and guess what the print is...... Yes its camera's and for my little 4 year old assistant she couldn't wait to get home and try them on. Emily is such a beautiful person and she wears Lularoe with such elegance and Grace.  Couldn't wait to share some of my favorite images from the session.

In the world social media marketing, Personal Brand Photography is a must have for businesses, online influencers, entrepreneurs and Corporate executives who want to strengthen their brand and create and instant connection with their audience. High quality images that portray your brand allow customers to see who you are and convey your brand once you leave a room. While headshots are great and can be a great place to start communicating what your brand stands for they are not enough. Personal Brand Photography is more than just a headshot. Images that portray your brand tell your story and allow customers to connect with you on a personal level and people like doing business with people who get them and understand them. people who share their values. Personal Branding Photography showcases your brand in an authentic way that allows your personality to shine. Through story sessions we create beautiful images that communicate your unique message to your audience.

Are you ready to showcase your business in the best possible way you can? Whether you are starting out or established business The sessions are for you equally as your business evolves so does your brand.

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