Howarth Family Session

 The Howarth Children are absolutely adorable and naturals in front of the lens. Just like their mother they have a really big heart. The session is a surprise for someone special and they were happy to do whatever it would take to make it a success. They have lots of love for one another, are really close and its evident in their interactions. The highlight of the session was climbing a tree on their front yard and running around the backyard to warm up.  

Fiona 9, enjoys reading, gardening as well as arts and crafts can you say sophisticated? Yes those were my first thoughts of her. Violet 8 enjoys gymnastics and dance and was happy to give me a sneak peak I was completely touched when she picked flowers for me at the end of the session.  Connor was really proud to show me his dance moves and boy can he dance.

My heart was full after spending time with this family what a treat on such a cold spring day. Here are just afew of my favorite images to capture the day.