Emily Lularoe Session

Was so excited when Emily reached out to me regarding a portrait session to showcase her day to day life in her Lularoe clothing. Emily is a Lularoe Consultant and while she wears the Lularoe clothing on a daily basis be it to work as a physical therapist, running errands such as shopping, out to lunch with friends or a  night out in town she's bound to have a piece of lularoe clothing or the entire ensemble in Lularoe clothing and accessories. Honestly i was very surprised to learn that Lularoe offers so many options. I was even luckier to get my first 3 pairs of Lularoe leggings and one for my daughter and guess what the print is...... Yes its camera's and for my little 4 year old assistant she couldn't wait to get home and try them on. Emily is such a beautiful person and she wears Lularoe with such elegance and Grace.  Couldn't wait to share some of my favorite images from the session.